NFT BALI ART WEEK is a week long, community exhibition that encourages artists, collectors and community members to SHOW UP for each other. During the 31-day long destination event of NFT Bali (by The Collective Solution), we will hold a week-long IRL curated NFT Art exhibition. Our mission is to bridge the NFT Community in Asia, specifically in Bali, with the Worldwide Art Community. This year's theme is "SHOW UP"


NFT BALI ART WEEK is part of NFT BALI, a 31 Day event initiated by The Collective Solution.

The Collective Solution

Founded by Ty and Bea

The Collective Solution is curating & creating with the most brilliant minds in web3. An invite only - hand selected community of founders, investors, thought leaders & degens pushing the boundaries of innovation & whats possible in the era of collaboration.

The Collective Solution


Co-founder of collective_eth, host of NFT Bali & host of “The Signal” podcast. deconstructing what makes greatness & helping founders build cool shit

The Collective Solution


Co-Founder of collective_eth, a curated community for innovative minds | Writing articles for The Signal, covering 0 day knowledge in #web3.


Frank Liu

National Geographic, Forbes and NFT NOW featured wildlife and landscape photographer. Founder of Dreamxrs - Web3 Artist Collective.


Stanley Aryanto

Community driven - International Award-winning, published & exhibited nomadict photographer and NFT Artist


Ruanth Chrisley

Oscar, and 3x BAFTA Nominated Sound Designer. Co-founder of Metarupa – the first Indonesian NFT Community

Island of the Gods

In recent years, Web3 has grown exponentially in the tropical paradise Island of Bali. We would like to show the worldwide community what The Island of the Gods has to offer.We aim to showcase all types of art, from all parts of the world – regardless of their sales volume, followers, or popularity. We strive to focus on the ART above all else.



Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie is a self-taught artist, and illustrator. Her works are mostly bright, and colorful filled with vibrant patterns of super-saturated hues but also hint a mystery for the character. She has worked for brands like Instagram, Apple, Adidas, and more. For her, the best thing about being an illustrator is producing images for diverse content.

F. Dilek Yurdakul

Dilek was born in Çanakkale. After completing her primary and secondary education in this city, she entered Gazi University, Faculty of Law in Ankara Turkey. When she graduated, she started her master's degree in Labor and Social Security Law at the same university. She is still a lawyer in a company in Ankara. She also teaches photography classes at a university in Ankara.

Leslie Spurlock

Leslie Spurlock is a photojournalist, storm chaser and creative portrait artist. She has lived with the rebels in Haiti for 3 weeks when they ousted President Aristide, photographed Tropical Storm Jeanne that killed 3000 people in Haiti, covered many hurricanes and natural disasters and 17 protest across the US during 2020. Her work has been published in many publications including Time, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, NY Post, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Miami Herald, Austin American Statesman, Daily Mail, ABC, CNN, and Yahoo.


Clarina “Tipi” is Oji-Cree “Anishinaabe” from Manitoba Canada. She is a life time photographer, graphic and web designer of 20+ years, and also in Film industry as a member of DGC (Directors Guild of Canada), She is an Environmental Science Graduate with focus on Traditional Environmental Knowledge and Sustainability. In March 2021 she founded and hosted the NFT CREATORS CO-OP on clubhouse – where members onboard, support and actively network for a Global community. This has crossed over to hosting twitter spaces celebrating diversity of multilingual International NFT Creators collectively moving forward!
ᑭᓇᓈᐢᑯᒥᑎᐣ kinanâskomitin
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An Illustrator with post-apocalyptic, alien, superhero, and cyberpunk themes – exploring the idea of nihilism. The orientation of his work was influenced by his introduction to the world of comics, illustration, and later studies. Pras' works depicts popular characters such as Teletubbies, Astro Boy, Power Rangers, and those who appear to be affected by radiation and have mutated. One of the collections is even named Nuke Kids, as a reference to the imagination in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.Science fiction, fantasy and superhero films have influenced my work a lot, said Pras. Apart from that, seeing the magical realism of (the late) Pak Danarto's works also influenced my way of thinking a lot.


Sunny is a NY based entrepreneur who is also an art collector. His collecting journey began with stamps and coins when he was a little boy and progressed to him being an avid art NFT collector currently. His love affair with NFTs began in 2021 and he has acquired thousands of artworks from hundreds of artists across the world since then. A much loved and respected member of the NFT community, his passion is discovering and promoting artists from under-represented communities and geographies as well as exploring ways art can be weaponized for social good.



At Artverse, we believe an artist’s sales should be based on the quality of their work, not how well they can market themselves. Artverse is a platform that helps artists gain exposure for their work without having to beat the algorithm.


Dreamxrs is a global artist collective with a mission to leverage art and technology for wildlife conservation. Collective Founder @frankliuphotography


HUG is a global community dedicated to artist discovery in the evolving and growing world of NFTs. Our joyful tools and education programs help innovative creators grow and build meaningful connections with their audience.


FLARE is a vibrant community of artists who come together to create a platform of support, collaboration, and learning. Flare offers a supportive environment where you can connect with other artists and grow as a creator.


Metarupa is the first Indonesian NFT Community. Home of creators, collectors, and builders. Metarupa has consulted some of the largest brands and IP in Indonesia and abroad, with clients such as Harian Kompas, Unilever, Transvision, and more


NFT Asia is an open and inclusive community centred on uplifting Asian and Asia-based artists and creatives all around the world. We are focused on sharing resources, creating opportunities and fostering close connections.

We’re on a mission to uplift and connect Berlin’s web3 ecosystem. Get to know builders, degens, artists and everyone in between. An NFT community based in Berlin to share the same interests, and is completely free to use, or attend.


The leading community movement, born to connect & educate our members across the UK. Join us for IRL events, networking & education


Obscura is a new kind of funding collective that endeavors to build community and empower photographers to create their dream projects by bringing back the concept of the photographic commission and funding projects in advance.

Sloika is an NFT marketplace giving photographers full creative control, from setting limited edition runs to choosing resale royalty fees. It makes tools for the photographers' workflows, from limited editions and royalty fees to usage rights and creative roadmaps.

Tezos Collective

To foster a novel, inclusive, and collaborative space for the Tezos community, with the community being the central focus.

World Of Women

We love welcoming people into the NFT space and creating a supportive environment for everyone – from new community members and collectors to emerging artists and NFT enthusiasts. We believe that together, the WoW community can have a positive impact on the NFT space and the world. We are excited to be on this journey with you all!


NFT BALI ART WEEK is organised by Stanley Aryanto, Frank Liu and Ruanth Chrisley. With the theme of “SHOW UP”, we are focusing on the new era Web3 will bring forth – and how we can SHOW UP for each other in the community.


Our open call starts on the 21st of March and will close on April 25th (23:59 GMT+8). The curators will go through all submissions. You can submit more than 1 Artwork


Other than the categories on the form, NFT Bali Art Week will have a "featured" category, showcasing highly selected international works from select communities around the globe


We are exhibiting the works that have passed curation at the end of May. We have an exciting lineup of local and international curators. Dates: 22-28th of May, 2023 – Superlative Gallery

Submission Guidelines

1. Illustration and Photography - JPEG or PNG | 1080 px on the short edge | 72 ppi | max file size 2 mb.
2. Video - upload to YouTube and share the link with us.
3. No watermark or anything that would indicate the artist on the artwork.
This is to ensure a fair curation process.
4. All submissions must be minted on the blockchain.
5. Local Art can be of any listed genre.

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